Visit Las Vegas for St. Patrick’s Day

As if Vegas is not completely green as it is on a regular basis in several days you can guarantee that all the hotels as well as the strip will be filled with green as people (locals and visitors) prepare for the St. Paddy’s day celebrations. There will be plenty to do all throughout the city. So paint yourself green and check out one of these fantastic parties.

New York New York will be hosting nine fine Irish men as part of their entertainment package to honour the four clover holiday filled with drinks and parties. O’Shea’s will also have a daylong event filled with flowing beer and some comedy.

St. Patrick’s day has always been a big celebration for those visiting Las Vegas as the streets are normally filled with party people throughout the weekend on a regular basis and even more so for this holiday where many gather to have a few drinks to say the least.

While there are several destinations that have planned events for the festivities there are also likely to be hotels and casinos involved in the day’s events even though they are not advertising in advance. Likely a beer special at the local bar as well as hotel deals to mark the occasion.

This year the holiday falls right smack in the middle of the week, so it looks like many will be celebrating the event from Wednesday onward to the remainder of the weekend, making for a long recovery for the week to follow.

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