Watch Out for the ATM’s In Las Vegas

It is not uncommon for the machines in Las Vegas to take your money and not give anything back but there is something rather alarming when the machine in question is the ATM! There has been several incidences lately where people trying to withdraw cash at the ATM at the RIO hotel and casino, where the machine makes noises and then debits your account but does not give you money in return.

There have been several people to have had this problem and now the complaint has been escalated and is under serious government investigation. There have been skimming devices installed on ATM that are in high traffic areas in the past.

These devices read and record the account numbers of the people that insert their cards and then the cards are replicated and money can be withdrawn using these cards. This scam was a popular scam that has been seen around several busy cities in North America in recent times.

What is currently happening in Las Vegas seems like a newer version of the scam in that the money is taken right away and the actual card is not skimmed in the process.

Casinos seem like a great destination for this type of scam as there are so many people through the area in one day and they are all withdrawing money since they do not live in the city or anywhere close at all! Just make sure to be careful and always call your bank if you suspect anything is not going to normal schedule!

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