Web Deals for Las Vegas

Booking online was surely popular in the past but if you are looking to book a vacation online now than you will be happy to find that now is a better time than ever. One hotel in particular is offering to very inviting web offers. That hotel is the one and only Bellagio.

If you log onto the Bellagio website and search for web only promotions you will find a page that asks you to enter your personal information such as your name, your address and your email address. After you have entered this information you are taken to the next screen which will allow you to see the web deals that are currently available strictly by booking your trip online.

There are currently 2 on going promotions, one being the “one night free” promotion which allows guests to book to nights at the going rate and receive the third night completely on the house. The starting rates for these rooms are only 169 dollars per night so the average rate for all three nights is barely over a hundred dollars.

The second promotion that they have going on is the “special rates” promotions which allows guests to view a calendar for the upcoming months and select room rates starting as low as $129 per night which is almost unheard of for the Bellagio.

The Hotel and Casino has been revamped and updated in recent years and is completely as posh a destination as anyone would expect from a five star luxury resort. So log on now and book your trip today!

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