Wells Fargo Vegas Trip Cancelled

Unfortunately for the select few Wells Fargo employees that were looking forward to celebrating their successes in Las Vegas the trip will no longer occur. In an announcement made yesterday executives at Wells Fargo announced that the trip to Las Vegas has been cancelled due to the undeserving reviews that this trip is nothing more than a lush and expensive waste of company resources for top level execs to have a good time.

The trip was planned in an effort to have several business meetings while simultaneously rewarding those executive individuals for a years’ worth of hard work and dedication to the mortgages being lent even throughout the beginning of the tough economy.

The negative publicity surrounding the planned event and trip resulted in the cancellation of the trip altogether but the company stands strong to their point. They explain this trip was truly supposed to be a meeting convention designed so that the employees on the trip would have a good time but were still able to complete the mandatory communications.

The company explains that had the trip been one year ago it probably would have gone completely unnoticed, much like many other companies were doing. Conventions are held in Las Vegas all the time and this happens for the same exact reason. Companies want to offer their employees a relaxing atmosphere so that they could look forward to leaving home for a few days while also learning new things and attending meetings that are useful to the rest of their career with the particular organization.

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