What to Bring on Trip to Las Vegas

So you are planning a trip to Las Vegas!!! Now that you have booked your tickets and you have that out of the way you have to start packing and once you get there all the excitement will start!

There are a few things that you just can’t go without. But of course, you have to remember that you are going to a city with some of the best and fanciest shops in the world so finding something that you are missing should not pose a problem at all.

The first thing you should bring is your passport and ID… not that you don’t need this for absolutely everywhere that you travel to, but it is especially important here because you are going to be asked for it all the time especially if you even closely appear underage.

Remember to pack plenty of out fits because you are sure to be enjoying several evenings out where all you will want to do is dress to impress. Las Vegas is a rather fancy city and people are always dressed to the nines.

Other than some ID and some great clothes the most important factor in Las Vegas will be a bank card or some cash – this trip is enjoyable as is, but it will definitely cost you a little if you want to have some real fun!

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