Win Your Way to Vegas

So all the winning is usually about getting to Las Vegas and then getting lucky and winning the big jackpot right? Not this time! Right now people have a great opportunity to win a great trip to Las Vegas in the Talk your way to Vegas contest from Expedia.

There are many places that you would like to visit. But if Vegas is on the list and you are a talker than this contest is right up your alley. This contest has contestants talking as fast as they can about why they should win a trip to Las Vegas and the winner of the contest will win their dream vacation to visit Vegas in comfort and style and some spending money as well.

There are quite a few contests with trip giveaways happening right now but this contest was such a success last year that bringing it back this year seems like the natural thing to do. It will be interesting to see how many people join the race this year as the contest is being advertised everywhere on the internet including Facebook and other social networking sites as well.

The Online travelling website is doing a great job at promoting themselves while also giving people something to look forward too. There are currently clips from the contest surfacing on as well so if you are curious to see what an entry looks like you are free go look at it on the video website by completing a search. The lucky winner will enjoy their little trip and be able to do so without talking up a storm!

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