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Las Vegas Real Estate Making the Headlines

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

It seems there are is a lot of news with respect to real estate in Las Vegas these days. Just recently we told you about the foreclosure sale of Nicolas Cages Las Vegas magnificent mansion and we have also learned that a couple just purchased a home that was regularly rented by the late Michael Jackson. This home was firmed up closed on Tuesday and was purchased by a California couple for 3.1 Million dollars. The home was also in the banks name as it was purchased in Foreclosure from the financial institution.

Not sure if 3.1 million dollars is a bargain because it is still quite a bit of money and not affordable for most people living in North America today but someone sure feels that this is a deal as the same real estate in Las Vegas was sold and valued at 6.4 Million dollars just two years ago. This home is located in Northern Las Vegas.

The home boasts 7 bedrooms on a massive property. It houses an orchestra room as well as several other great rooms for entertaining including a large theatre. The gated outside grounds are even better than the interior as there are multiple tennis and basketball courts on the property as well as a swimming pool that is of a great large size.

Many are picking up luxury real estate in the Las Vegas area due to the lowest prices in the last ten years. Those that said the US recession is over are surely not speaking about all areas of the US because there is clearly a problem that continues throughout many major cities.

Nicolas Cage’s Home in Las Vegas Sells for almost 5 Million Dollars!

Monday, January 25th, 2010

So that sounds great doesn’t it? Selling a piece of real estate in Las Vegas for 4.95 Million dollars? Well the truth of the matter is the property was in foreclosure and the home sold for more than 3 million dollars less than what Cage paid for it about 3 years ago. His loss is certainly someone else’s gain but the star is currently facing some serious financial troubles with properties not only in Las Vegas under foreclosure at this time.

The star bought the house in a great area of Las Vegas for 8.5 million dollars in 2006. Since the down turn in the economy Cage has experienced quite a few losses and so had been put in foreclosure on several of his properties. He said that he paid over 70 million dollars in taxes to the IRS in total and owes 14 million more dollars in taxes to the great collection agency yet again.

The property in Las Vegas was snapped up within one day. It was on the market for less than 24 hours before someone decided to jump onto the opportunity to own a home that is over 14,000 square feet in total space. Located at 5100 Spanish Heights drive, this home has 6 full bedrooms for everyone in the family to enjoy along with 7 lavish bathrooms, a 16 car garage for all your vehicles as well as a private theatre room and an elevator if you don’t feel like using one of the several staircases.

There is plenty of foreclosure luxury real estate in Las Vegas today unfortunately those missing out are losing to someone that is benefitting in a great way – you just have to have the money to afford it!

Vegas Trunk Shows Starting the Fashion Year off Right!

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

There are so many good things about Vegas. One thing that is always on the top of the Vegas Radar is certainly the fashion scene. There are many stores to visit in the city and one that has a limitless budget certainly won’t be left disappointed. Perhaps this is a the reason why there are quite a few trunk shows that are happening at some of the cities flagship stores this season.

There are several designers that are eager to showcase their looks for the year ahead! One of those being DVF or Diane Von Furstenberg. This high end popular designer amongst the stars and other label lovers had a trunk show at the flagship store located at the Palazzo shops linked to the Palazzo as well as the Venetian hotels owned by the Las Vegas Sands at the end of the strip closer to the Fashion Show mall.

The show was a great success and there were many lady’s grabbing for the newest items that are fresh off the runway and so hot for the upcoming seasons this year. There are so many looks that are great on anyone. The style this season are slightly baggy and leave room to the imagination. You can always be sure that if you are in Vegas you will see many beautiful people rocking the latest fashions that are available all around the globe as Las Vegas is one of the biggest Fashion mecca’s in the US to date and will stay that way many days into the future.