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Las Vegas Sands Not Doing as Well as Some had hoped for!

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

While LVS is certainly performing much better than this time last year they are not doing as well as expected and could not report extremely positive 1st quarter results for this year. The company did have quite a success in Macau but the situation in Las Vegas was still not as good as the company projections would like it to be.

The company that is headed by Sheldon Adelson has been through many ups and downs through recent times but with the newly developed and completed project in China they believed that they would have results that are over the estimates. The hope is that the company will push through the end of this recession and end up on top.

The properties that are not within the US are doing quite well but the staple hotels and casinos located in Las Vegas are bringing the company down. However, it is important to note that when these hotels are at their best they bring in the majority of the income and it is only fair to take the good with the bad.

It is not as if the LVS group of casinos and hotels within the US are the ones that are performing badly and the other hotel and casino companies are doing well. It is fair to say that the entertainment and spending on travel industries have all suffered immensely and all that is really left to do is consolidate spending as much as possible and try to run the more efficient type of business while waiting for the economy to fully recover so that better numbers can be reported.

Heidi Montang to Debut Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas

Friday, February 12th, 2010

While Heidi Montang has made several live appearances and has appeared on the covers of several Magazines, the public will be able to have access to see her live, front and center as she appears on the red carpet of the Valentine’s Day party at PURE night club and Las Vegas.

The club PURE is located in the lobby of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas at the center of the strip. The club is known as one of the best and most popular hot spots for night time entertainment in the city. Many enjoy the red carpet theme and the treatment of royalty as many that visit the club have the money to drop. There are many nights of the year that the stars are out and this Valentine’s Day weekend will be one of those nights as Heidi and her Husband Spencer Pratt will be the two that are hosting this Red Carpet event.

The event will take place on Sat Feb the 13th and booths are available for reservation at a bit of a steep price as bottles range from prices such as $500-over $2000 per bottle. There are many reasons to make this location your destination for the night! There are many other great spots to hit up this Valentine’s Day weekend. For a list of things to do if you are in the mood for love visit the host at the Hotel that you are staying at.

But if you are in the mood to check out Heidi and be part of the latest gossip than check out PURE this Saturday night as she is sure to be on the cover of something showing off her new assets!

Celine Dion to Return To Las Vegas in March of 2011

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

There is good news for many that did not catch Celine in concert in Las Vegas the first time that she was in concert for a five year run. Well those that are missed out will be happy to know that Celine is returning to Las Vegas for undisclosed amount of time but a minimum of two years to the Caesars Palace stage that was built especially for her in the first place!

She will be returning with a brand new show altogether! Many of the songs that she will be singing will be brand new songs that are recently released but there will also be a bunch of classics that the die hard fans will love to enjoy. Those that love Celine and did see her in Vegas previously will surely enjoy seeing her again as she is ready with a great brand new show!

Celine has stopped the show after the extended five year period because she was attempting for a second child with her lovely husband after having a great first! But unfortunately their attempts failed. Celine and her hubby had the help of every fertility treatment that was available and the access to the best doctors but they still did not succeed in making a second baby and so she will return to her second love which is performing the music that she loves for the fans that she adores.

Many are sure to show up in Las Vegas for the first few shows as well as the rest of the season. Celine has a big fan base all around the world so this is sure to be the return of an international success.