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Job Selling Becomes a Problem in Las Vegas

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Although we thought the worst of the recession was over, it is still alive and well. Even in gaming – what was thought to be a recession-proof industry – professionals are still struggling to find work and are beginning to take desperate measures.

It has recently been discovered that job-selling is taking place in Las Vegas casinos. Potential dealers are paying operators upwards of $10 000 to earn jobs in their casinos. While this seems like a huge sum of money for someone in need of employment, working at a Las Vegas casino could earn a dealer $100 000 or more per year.

“As times get worse, people try to make money on the side,” says John Boggs, head of a Human Resources software company. “Vegas is one of the worst places for having this happen”.

Although Las Vegas casinos run sophistocated HR departments, it hasn’t stopped this crime from taking place. Operators see the value in earning extra cash to employee someone and desperate job seeks have no problem fronting the cash for a long-term and very lucrative job.

The rate of this crime continues to climb but Las Vegas police are doing their best to fight it.

Jay-Z and Coldplay to Play Las Vegas on NYE

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Las Vegas is a hotbed for partying during all of the biggest holidays each year, and New Year’s Eve 2011 will be no exception. It has just been announced that Jay-Z and Coldplay, two of the biggest musical acts in the world, will be performing in Las Vegas this New Year’s Eve.

The event is sure to be mind-blowing, and will take place at the Cosmopolitan Casino and Resort. According to NME Magazine, both acts will take the stage separately before performing together at the end of the night.

Tickets to the event will be “invite-only”, so we are certain that it will be an exclusive gig. However, the general public will not be completely excluded, as the performance will be broadcast on the Cosmopolitan’s 65-foot marquee for all of the Las Vegas Strip to see.

Although tickets will be hard to find, we are sure that there will be some way to secure a spot via contests. We will be sure to keep you posted, as this is going to be a concert that you will not want to miss. Two of the world’s most famous musical acts on stage at once – it will be a New Year’s Eve to remember!

Mr Sandwich Opens Up in LV Chinatown

Friday, September 17th, 2010

When you think of Las Vegas, you normally think of the 5-star restaurants and the celebrity chefs, but it’s not all about the glitz and glamour in the culinary world here. There are a quite a few understated spots, for those looking for something a little less luxurious.

Mr. Sandwich falls into that category, as a new sandwhich shop in the heart of Chinatown. According to the Las Vegas Sun, Mr. Sandwhich is a lot like the popular LA-based restaurant Hue Thai, which serves mostly French-Vietnamese sandwhiches.
The restaurant is small and customers have reported that service is quick and efficient. And, the selection is great, too! While there are plenty of vegetarian options, meat-eaters will love the wide range of meat served. Choose from platers with sardines, curry lamb and pate. There is even Chinese meatloaf available, which sounds a bit too good to be true.

This sweet and simple spot has only been around for a couple months but we predict it will be here for a while. Amidst all of the high-class dining, there has to be a place to go to pick up a quick sandwich, and Mr. Sandwich is that place!