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Downtown Vegas Gets a Makeover

Monday, November 29th, 2010

The City of Las Vegas has suffered greatly over the course of the past two years. The global recession has caused many companies and business to shut down, forcing many residents to lose their jobs. However, things seem to be looking up. The Las Vegas Strip is ready for a new beginning, and what better way to make it happen with a makeover for the popular tourist area?

Freemont Street has seen influx of new business, bringing new life to an area that was all but dead a couple of weeks ago. This is what Mayor Oscar Goodman had in mind several years ago when he planned for a revitalization of the area. However, the economy had other plans and forced the city into a financial downward spiral.

To encourage the opening of more businesses in the area, the City of Las Vegas has offered to waive the $20 000 licensing fee for bars. These new business will certainly bring more tax dollars into the city, improving the economy substantially. They will also bring many more jobs back to a city that has been struggling for years with is dismal unemployment rate.

Things are certainly looking up for the Las Vegas Strip, and it is only a matter of time until it is restored to its former glory.

Light Shows You Will Not Want to Miss

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Las Vegas is certainly all about the bright lights, and during Christmas time, that mantra is has never been truer. This year, there are some gorgeous light displays and shows taking place across the city, so get out there and prepared to be amazed.

The Ethel M Holiday Cactus Garden is open every day from Sunday to 10pm. The display is free for all who wish to check out the beautiful lights and are it open until New Year’s Day. The attraction is located at 2 Cactus Garden Drive.

For something a bit more central, check out the Gift of Lights at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The display is open from 5pm to 9pm from Sunday to Thursday and until 10om on the weekends and holidays. This one costs a bit of money but is certainly worth the admission fee. Individual tickets just $1 while the cost of a car is $15.

The Magical Forest is one of the most renowned light shows in the city. Located in Opportunity Village, this spectacular light show will be a treat for all those who feast their eyes on this impressive display. Tickets are available from $7.75 to $16.25. While these tickets a bit steeper than the others’, this event is talked about worldwide, so it is certainly worth the price.

Harrah’s Entertainment Changes Name

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

It has recently been announced that Harrah’s Entertainment has changed its name to Caesar’s Entertainment, a decision that will effect the company’s entire branding and marketing image. ‘Harrah’s’ will continued to be used as a name for the company’s subsidiary brands, so the classic name will not completely disappear.

Ceasar’s Palace is one of Harrah’s most well-known and recognizable online gambling brands. So, it was only natural that the company choose to make it’s new name associated with it’s biggest success in the gaming world. Ceasar’s is also the brand that has been chosen to represent Harrah’s new online gambling site in the UK, make it a name that is known around the whole world.

The name change will cost only $1 million, which is mere peanuts for Harrah’s who recent lost more than $600 million over the first half of 2010 due to the global recession. The company also recently recently acquired the WSOP, a move which is also expected to boost Harrah’s reputation. Poker fans and players are interested to see whether or not next year’s tournament will be moved from the Rio to Caesar’s Palace.

Harrah’s is excited about the name change and it seems that this will bring nothing but good things to the company. It has been struggling for quite some time and it will be interesting to see the positive effects that arise from the situation.