A Rockin’ Good Time At the Hard Rock Hotel

Las Vegas has built a reputation for its amazing nightlife, with all kinds of clubs being available, but what about if you want to party in the daytime? In the last little while, there has been an ongoing trend. Not at night, but during the day. I’m talking about daytime clubs that offer that night club feeling. These day clubs are generally at a pool and I’m not talking about a dinky little pool either…

For example, as part of their $750 million expansion, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino opened up their Hard Rock Hotel Beach Club, doubling their pool area, making it a staggering 5 acres! At the original 2 and half acres, it was no slouch, but now at the size of 5 football fields, there can be twice as much partying.

As I said before, this isn’t a dinky little pool. This new oasis is steps away from the new Hard Rock Hotel Tower, and offers up a cool escape. The HRH Beach Club offers up a nice big pool area of course, and a sandy beach to boot! There are 17 daybeds, 24 cabanas that are super luxe, and 8 Spa Villas. Other perks include a Bar and Grill, a gaming lounge, and a swim up black jack area. That’s right, a SWIM UP Black Jack Area.

Open daily from 10am to 6pm, the HRH Beach Club is a must go for anyone who’s looking to party. For more information, check it out at www.hardrockhotel.com

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