Boomers’ Weekly Hip Hop Party Celebrates Longevity

For the past two years, Boomers bar has hosted a weekly hip hop party, where hundreds of hip hop heads from across the city come together to celebrate their love of the genre. When Joe Coburn started the weekly event, he never expected it to catch on the way it did.

Hip Hop has always had a bad reputation, and Coburn started his parties to attract true fans who were about the music, rather than violence or any other the other negative attributes that have unfair been attached to the Hip Hop Genre.

“I turn away rappers who talk about guns”, says Coburn. “If there is an incident, security is there. But the fans keep people in check, because they want to this going”.

It is inspiring to see that hip hop has been able forge a community in Las Vegas, a city that has rejected the musical style for decades. The event at Boomers brings this community together and celebrates its innovations and the talents of local hip hop artists.

At the two year anniversary that took place just last week, Coburn ensured that the part would be live, bringing together all aspects of hip hop. Graffitti artists were there, painting a mural, while breakdancers took centre stage to wow the crowd. Even some local hip hop legends were attendance, showing their support for this one-of-a-kind weekly event in hopes that it will see many more years of success.

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