Bruno Mars Charged with Drug Possesion in Las Vegas Casino

Bruno Mars is an up-and-comer in the hip hop music scene. His squeaky-clean image has given him mass appeal across the country, but Friday’s criminal events may tarnish that image. Mars, also known as Peter Hernandez, was charged last Friday with drug possession. Allegedly, he was found with cocaine in a washroom at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The charges are quite serious. He could face up to 4 years in the Nevada Department of Corrections, in addition to a $5000 fine for his crime. If it is discovered that he has not been charged with any previous convictions, he could be granted probation and have his sentence suspended.

At 1:50am, police were called to the Hard Rock Hotel, after a washroom attendant informed authorities that Mars was taking a suspiciously long time in his stall. He suspected that the performer was taking drugs in the washroom, and was proven to be right. Police found 2.6 grams of cocaine on Mars.

He was arrested and released on the same day. He currently awaits his court date, at which time sentencing will be decided.

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