Cana Kitchen and Bar Brings Latin Flavour to the Strip

Las Vegas is a hotbed for international cuisine and celebrity chefs and the hottest new thing on the scene is Cana Latin Kitchen and Bar. Featuring traditional South American fare with a twist, Cana will certainly be bringing something brand new to Las Vegas’ culinary community.

The menu features small shared plates, a reflection of South American and Spanish cuisine. In countries like Spain, one of the most popular culinary forms is tapas, large plates of food that requires diners to share. In South American, bocadillos operate on the same concept – and Cana Kitchen brings it to Las Vegas’ doorstep with its innovative and exotic menu.

Latin America is also home to some of the sweetest spirits in the world. With rum and other alcoholic drinks that are fermented from sugar and sugar cane, their alcohol is likely to give you a sugar rush in addition to a good buzz. Cana provides these spirits, in addition to the most popular beers and wines from South America.

Cana is open from 5pm to 2am daily. Located next to the Blue Martini, it is right in the middle of the action – so be sure to check it today.

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