Casino for Non-Smokers

Across the United States, smoking bans have led to the economic downfall of casinos, restaurants and bars. However, Las Vegas Gaming Executives believe that non-smoking venue options may increase the over revenue for various casinons.

The State of Nevada has enacted the Clean Air Act, which prohibits people from smoking indoors. Casinos in Las Vegas, however, are exempt from this act, and patrons can smoking whenever and wherever they would like on the gaming floor. While most casino use sophisticated ventilation technology to ensure that non-smoking patrons are not disturbed, they are still concerned about their health.

As a result, non-smoking clientele suggest that Arizona Charlie’s create a smoke-free slots room, for players who are bothered by the smell of smoking on the casino floor. While it took a bit of convincing, the managers at the casino were finally on board.

They ripped out the existing carpet and tiling to ensure that no additional residue from previous smoking was left on the premises. The renovations cost a total of $80 000, but the casino’s operators believe that they will make up the lost revenue with an influx of non-smoking customers.

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