Casino Revenue Increase Gives Las Vegas Hope

The past two years have been very difficult for the city of Las Vegas. The global recession saw tourists staying home rather than vacationing at the popular tourist destination city, causing casino revenues to slide significantly. Although the rest of the country seems to be recovering from the financial crisis, the City of Las Vegas still seems to be struggling – but a recent report has made things look a bit more hopeful.

It was just revealed that August saw a total income of $945 million, an 11% increase over the same period of time in 2009. Politicians are pleased about the news, as are local residents who have been the victims of the downward spiral since 2008. Many people have lost their jobs due to the decline in gaming revenue and tourist traffic. Now, residents can be hopeful that more jobs will be created once the industry continues on its upswing.

With so many states across the country in financial duress, politicians are turning to gambling as a solution to deficits. Several states are even looking into online gambling as a way to create additional tax revenue to fund social programs and other government necessities.

Las Vegas politicians and business professionals continue to stay hopeful, in hopes that the state’s gambling revenue will continue to rise over the next year.

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