Celine Dion to Return To Las Vegas in March of 2011

There is good news for many that did not catch Celine in concert in Las Vegas the first time that she was in concert for a five year run. Well those that are missed out will be happy to know that Celine is returning to Las Vegas for undisclosed amount of time but a minimum of two years to the Caesars Palace stage that was built especially for her in the first place!

She will be returning with a brand new show altogether! Many of the songs that she will be singing will be brand new songs that are recently released but there will also be a bunch of classics that the die hard fans will love to enjoy. Those that love Celine and did see her in Vegas previously will surely enjoy seeing her again as she is ready with a great brand new show!

Celine has stopped the show after the extended five year period because she was attempting for a second child with her lovely husband after having a great first! But unfortunately their attempts failed. Celine and her hubby had the help of every fertility treatment that was available and the access to the best doctors but they still did not succeed in making a second baby and so she will return to her second love which is performing the music that she loves for the fans that she adores.

Many are sure to show up in Las Vegas for the first few shows as well as the rest of the season. Celine has a big fan base all around the world so this is sure to be the return of an international success.

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