City Center Brings Travelers to Las Vegas

While this may not be the best news for the competitors of the City Center hotels and casinos and much more in Las Vegas, the City Center is the place that is drawing the most traffic to the city these days. The people that are travelling and doing some lavish spending are those that were not much affected by the recent recession and are still spending as if they don’t have a care in the world.

There aren’t too many of those same travelers that were around a few years ago that could spend their extra bonuses and money that they have saved up for that special break or vacation. Now those same people are just hoping to keep their jobs if they still have them and those that do get a bonus they are being much more frugal with their spending as the economy is showing people that it is better to have a little extra and some savings in the bank rather than enjoying a lavish vacation.

It is because of this that the city of Las Vegas as a whole is experiencing a rather slower time than years past. Las Vegas as a city is glad to have the City Center present at this very tough time for the city as some of the people that are there would not be there if it were not for this newly revealed project. While the city center certainly had larger projections than the attention that they are currently receiving, they are quite happy that they are outperforming that of the competition considering everything that is happening in the current economy!

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