Cosmopolitan Casino and Resorts Makes Las Vegas Debut

It’s been over two years in the making and has cost more than $4 billion to build, but the Cosmopolitan is finally open for business. The new casino and resort destination opened this week with a bang, as thousands of tourists and Las Vegas residents flocked to see the new architectural stunner.

The new Cosmopolitan Casino has more than 2000 rooms and there are 1000 more on the way which will be available next year. The casino floor consists of 100 000 square feet of the most popular and exciting casino games available, and there is a 60 000 square-foot nightclub on the premises as well.

To mark the occasion of the casino’s launch, the operators will hold one of the biggest parties that the Las Vegas Strip will ever see. The Killers’ front-man Brandon Flowers will treat VIP guests to a private show before taking the stage for the grand opening party.

This is certainly a big event for the City of Las Vegas. As the city continues to struggle to emerge from the global recession, the opening of The Cosmopolitan will certainly attract a wide range of customers from around the world, boosting the city’s economy as a whole.

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