Halloween in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the greatest places to spend the busiest holidays of the year – and Halloween is no exception. This month, hotels, resorts and casinos are hosting a wide range of exciting events for those looking to wreak some havoc on Halloween Day.

There are nine haunted houses scattered across the city. They run for several days at the end of the month, so you can visit more than one if you’re a fan of being frightened. The Fight Dome at Circus Circus stands out as one of the best haunted house attractions, with five different haunted houses. The five-acre spread also includes all of the usual Adventure Dome rides, so if you’d rather not be scared out of your wits, there’s another option available.

There are also many great events available for a younger crowd. So, if your little ones are a bit too little to visit haunted houses, there are other great family-friendly options to choose from. At the Whitney Ranch Rec Centre, you can take part in creative pumpkin painting projects, a great treat for the whole family.

And, don’t forget the Las Vegas Halloween Parade. This yearly event is one of the most popular Halloween events in the city, which will take place at Hoover and 4th Street at 7pm. Get there at least an hour early to get a good spot! Also, anyone who shows up wearing a costume can participate in the parade!

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