Hard Rock Dining

From the poolside lounging at the gigantic pool area, to the steamy nightlife available at their clubs, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino offers something for everyone. With some of the best parties around, its easy to forget that the Hard Rock also serves up some good grub from a few places, such as Rare 120º.

Starting with the classic must have restaurant, the steakhouse, Rare 120º. It simply will not do to have the stuffy traditional type of steakhouse since it is the Hard Rock Hotel’s steak joint. The atmosphere is contemporary, with sleek finishes on wood and stainless steel surfaces. No sleek steakhouse would be complete without an extensive wine list, and of course, a martini menu.

Rare 120º has taken a recent culinary trend to heart and made it its culinary philosophy by using organic farm raised meats, and fresh seasonal ingredients. This is the standard at Rare 120º, and customers can come dine here and taste the high quality of this right away.

The lounge is open from 5:30pm – 12am Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It is open from 5:30pm -1am Friday and Saturday. Mondays are closed. The dining room opens at 6pm the rest of the week, and closes at 11pm on Tuesdays to Thursdays, and Sundays. Friday and Saturday, the dining room stays open until midnight.

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