Heidi Montang to Debut Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas

While Heidi Montang has made several live appearances and has appeared on the covers of several Magazines, the public will be able to have access to see her live, front and center as she appears on the red carpet of the Valentine’s Day party at PURE night club and Las Vegas.

The club PURE is located in the lobby of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas at the center of the strip. The club is known as one of the best and most popular hot spots for night time entertainment in the city. Many enjoy the red carpet theme and the treatment of royalty as many that visit the club have the money to drop. There are many nights of the year that the stars are out and this Valentine’s Day weekend will be one of those nights as Heidi and her Husband Spencer Pratt will be the two that are hosting this Red Carpet event.

The event will take place on Sat Feb the 13th and booths are available for reservation at a bit of a steep price as bottles range from prices such as $500-over $2000 per bottle. There are many reasons to make this location your destination for the night! There are many other great spots to hit up this Valentine’s Day weekend. For a list of things to do if you are in the mood for love visit the host at the Hotel that you are staying at.

But if you are in the mood to check out Heidi and be part of the latest gossip than check out PURE this Saturday night as she is sure to be on the cover of something showing off her new assets!

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