Job Selling Becomes a Problem in Las Vegas

Although we thought the worst of the recession was over, it is still alive and well. Even in gaming – what was thought to be a recession-proof industry – professionals are still struggling to find work and are beginning to take desperate measures.

It has recently been discovered that job-selling is taking place in Las Vegas casinos. Potential dealers are paying operators upwards of $10 000 to earn jobs in their casinos. While this seems like a huge sum of money for someone in need of employment, working at a Las Vegas casino could earn a dealer $100 000 or more per year.

“As times get worse, people try to make money on the side,” says John Boggs, head of a Human Resources software company. “Vegas is one of the worst places for having this happen”.

Although Las Vegas casinos run sophistocated HR departments, it hasn’t stopped this crime from taking place. Operators see the value in earning extra cash to employee someone and desperate job seeks have no problem fronting the cash for a long-term and very lucrative job.

The rate of this crime continues to climb but Las Vegas police are doing their best to fight it.

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