Las Vegas Awaits CTIA Show Just Around the Corner

The Annual CTIA show which is just around the corner in Las Vegas. The CTIA is the organization for International Association for Wireless Telecommunication. The show that takes place around this time every year will be happening next week at the Las Vegas Convention Center and many are excited for what is to be unveiled.

Many companies and telecomm executives gather in Las Vegas and take part in this convention. It is very well organized and there are many parties and functions surrounding the event beyond the actual convention.

There are many different companies and events here. There are carrier companies from around the world, mainly North America but others as well. There are those that actually provide the products such as Apple, RIM, Nokia and many others of the sort. There are those that provide interesting software such as iPhone applications and others. There is just a lot to do and much to be seen.

The hotels have reservations that are already made and held away at special group rates for the people coming in especially for this show. Those blocks are set aside for people with codes that can access them. This is sure to be a busy week in Las Vegas so if you are planning to go for fun be sure to make reservations at all the places you like as early as possible because there maybe functions that get in the way of you getting in.

But Las Vegas is a big place so the more the merrier!

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