Las Vegas Casinos Decrease in Value

The global recession has had dire effects on Las Vegas’ gambling industry. While it was previously believed that a recent increase in revenue would help the city slowly recover, it seems that things may not be that easy. According to a new report, the recession has devalued Las Vegas casinos, which will make it difficult for operators to recover from their dire financial situations.

It is believed that Las Vegas’ gaming industry could be a buyer’s market. At this point, many casino operators may have to take what they can get from those interested in buying their assets.
In fact, many Las Vegas-based operators are expanding to locations outside of Nevada which seem to be more profitable.

Atlantic City is also seeing a similar situation. Borgata’s revenues decrease by more than `16% in just one month and it seems as though things will continue to decline. With the new slots venue at New York Aqueduct Racetrack, the city will continue to lose revenue.

Operators across the city have yet to confirm whether or not they will be selling. However, it is believed that many will see the situation through until there are no more options available in the Las Vegas gambling market.

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