Las Vegas Goes Green

You wouldn’t normally think that a place as bright and flashy as Las Vegas would be environmentally concious. It takes a lot of energy to keeps those marquees shining. But, the community is now coming together to make the city of Las Vegas a much greener place by implementing energy efficiency practices, recycling programs and conserving water.

While trend was started among resorts and casinos, many small business eventually got on board. Now, restaurants, convention centres, wedding planners and other independent companies are working towards a greener Las Vegas.

For example, the new Las Vegas City Centre is powered by a natural gas co-generation plant. This not only reduces emission buts also saves the area 50 million galoons of water per year. The City Centre is also home to the first limosine fleet that is powered by clean-burning natural gas.

Restaurants that are taking part include Wolfgang Puck’s Springs Cafe and Beso at the City Centre. At The Springs Cafe, Puck offers a sustainable brunch on Sundays, where everything from the food to the utensils has been created with green initiatives in mind. At Beso, recycling is key. The restaurants chandeliers were made using recycled Swarovski Crystals that were featured at last year’s Academy Awards cememony, and all of the menus and to-go containers are made from recycled material.

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