Las Vegas Houses Some Big Players in the Tech Industry this Week

There are many big names in Vegas this week. Most are there for the CES show that is currently happening! There is a lot happening there this week and many of the guys from top technology companies around the world are in Vegas to promote their products that are current and up and coming.

There are also many there to check out the competition and of course there are regular people there like you and me as well that are simply there to have a good time and also check out the cool gidgets and gadgets that are going to be launching in the near future.

There are many interesting things to see at the show. There are so many new devices that are greener than ever before. The environment and saving money has become a big focus even in the fancy tech world. It is always interesting to see and read about all the new products and we will be sure to give you a few highlights straight from Vegas in the next little while.

There are products from some the biggest names in Technology such as Sony, Panasonic, Google, Apple, IBM, Dell, and so many others. Of course, these aren’t in any particular order but it is likely that the biggest show stoppers this year will come from Google and Apple who have both been extremely innovative over the last little while!

But in the meantime cheque out the CES website for more details on the show and what is available for you to see through the show and the offerings.

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