Las Vegas In Need of Problem Gambling Resources

Las Vegas’ Problem Gambling Centre has seen a rough year. With an increasing number of problem gamblers, the centre’s employees are finding it hard to keep up with the demand – especially after losing 30% of its funding due to budget cuts and a decrease in donations.

Recently, the centre has seen an increase in senior clients, as they are among the most vulnerable people to fall into a gambling addiction. This year, 43% of all people to walk into the office looking for help were over 51 years of age.

“We continue to hear from them that their retirement savings are gone and that Social Security isn’t enough to get them by,” says Krista Creel, the centre’s executive director.

The centre’s budget is about $400 000 each year, which is provided mostly by donations from casinos. Slot machine manufactures and casino operators donate a portion of their earnings to the centre – but because they are among the hardest hit companies by the recession, the problem gambling centre must also suffer.

Additional problems will arise next year when the centre loses its funding commitment from the state of Nevada. Then, it must face an appeal to state lawmakers, a prospect that does not looking promising for the Problem Gambling Centre.

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