Las Vegas Pop Art Painter Gains Critical Acclaim

Las Vegas-based painting Martin Kreloff is creating quite the buzz in America’s fine art scene. His Hollywood-inspired pieces have art lovers all over the country lining up to see and buy his work. Ethel Merman, Lucille Ball and sumo wrestlers are the subjects of his work, and Las Vegas is proud that such a unique and diverse artist has emerged from its own artist community.

His first ever solo show is called Stars and Sumos and premiered yesterday at the Laura Henkel Fine Art Gallery. Already, various newspapers in the city like the Las Vegas Sun are reporting about the show, lauding its innovative and unique style.

Martin Krelhoff studied design at Parsons and made a name for himself shortly after graduating when he moved to Miami. There, he developed a minimalist style before heading to Los Angeles, where he worked as a designer and portrait artist. Finally he moved on to Las Vegas, where he currently resides.

Krelhoff was obviously inspired by other pop artists like Andy Warhol and Al Hirshfeld, but with some obvious post modern twists. As part of the show, Krelhoffs displays paintings of sumo wrestlers and Hollywood stars, two of current obsession. Krelhoff notes that his love for movies dates back to his childhood and his celebration of the Japanese culture is a recent but passionate hobby.

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