Las Vegas to Hold Oscar Parties this Weekend

While many celebrities will be in LA this weekend for the eighty second Academy awards the fans in Las Vegas will be having their own Oscar parties and celebrating the Oscars while watching on the big screens and maybe even making a few wagers in the sports books. There are many new movies that will be appreciated at this event and many Oscars will be given out to celebrate the great achievements of the actors and actresses that bring life to the Hollywood big screen that so many people like to watch.

There are several hotels that will be showing the Oscars in the sports books but if you are a true sports fan not into the Oscars please don’t worry as there are always screens in the sports book that focus on the latest sporting event as that is the primary interest of the sports books in Las Vegas anyway.

When there is a big event happening in LA, Vegas tends to quiet down a little as the two are close in proximity and many would visit one location versus the other. It is rumoured that several stars will actually be heading to Las Vegas the following weekend to enjoy some March Madness basketball and relax from the previous weeks anxiety of the Oscars and all the build up leading up to the big night that will leave so many people proud and others a little disappointed. But there is always next year and there are many more movies that are sure to hit the big screens in the meantime.

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