Lilith Fair Scaled Down For Las Vegas Tour Date

Lilith Fair, the popular female music festival, hasn’t toured since 1999, a fact which has made is quite difficult to regain its momentum in its first year touring since then. It has been plagued with misfortune since the get-go, with artists cancelling and ticket prices dropping. Las Vegas even had to scale down its event venue, downgrading it from the Mandalay Events Centre to the Mandalay Bay Beach.

Due to all of these unfortunate circumstances, several artists were forced to drop out before the Las Vegas tour date. So, Vegas tourists and residents missed out on an opportunity to see Marina and the Diamonds, Emmylou Harris and Queen Latifah.

However, despite all of these shortcomings, the event was a success. There was a fair turnout for both the mainstage and the second stage events, and the audience was enthusiastic for all of the performances. Although only three main stage acts remained – The Bangles, Sarah McLaughlin and Miranda Lambert – a good time was had by all, and the festival founds are hopeful that upcoming tours will be well-received.

We believe that that they should chalk it up to unfortunate circumstances. A festival that hasn’t toured in ten years is likely to experience some setbacks during their comeback performance, and we believe that next year’s event will be less of a mess.

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