Local Artists Honoured with Grants

Every year, the Nevada Arts Council selects four individuals to honour for their contributions to the art community in the state. This year, the honourees hail from areas close by the Las Vegas centre.

Each winner will receive $4500, a very valuable prize for artists in the area. In many cases, artists in the state do not earn a living from the art they produce. Instead, they must maintain an day job in order to support themselves, leaving their art as a side project. The $4500 grants from the Arts Council give Nevada artists the chance to pursue their chosen art form full time.

93 application were submitted this year, leaving the council with a difficult decision-making process. In the end, the judges believe that they made the right choice. The winners are:

Writer Matthew O’ Brien
Visual Artist Daren Johnson
Composer Eugene Shapiro and
Dancer Quelala Clancy

Each artist has experienced great success in their individual fields. This has been recognized by the judging panel, who believe that the winners are worthy of the attention of Nevada’s art community at large.

Our congratulations go out to this year’s winners!

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