Looks Like A Beautiful Weekend Ahead in Las Vegas

While Vegas may be a bit quieter this week for many reasons it is quite the lovely weekend to be in town as the weather looks like it will be nice and many will be striping off the extra layers to enjoy some of the sun. While it surely isn’t quite pool weather just yet it will be nice enough to leave the jackets at the hotel room and enjoy some fresh air as you walk the strip and take in all the different hotels and sights around you!

There are plenty of things to see during the day while the weather is accommodating. There are the beautiful Bellagio fountains, which are also stunning to see in the evening time as they light up and the music is played! If you are feeling a craving for chocolates and nuts and perhaps a great M&M experience then you should take a walk over to the M&M store where you will find the largest selection of M&M’s that your heart desires and you will also be able to spend a lot of time in there are there are so many parts to the store.

There is the M&M wall which offers the greatest selection of the candy that can ever be found as well as some great gifts that you can take home to share with others! If you are feeling like spending the entire day or at least 4 hours or so outdoors than you may want to play some golf as there are some fabulous golf courses and located on the strip such as the Wynn course or just minutes off the strip as well. If you haven’t brought your clubs that nothing to worry about as golf attire and equipment is available for sale and for rent as well!

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