Los Tacos – The Best Tacos in Town

Being located in the South Western United States, Las Vegas has an expansive and impressive offering of Mexican food. But, with so many great restaurants, its difficult to choose where to get the best taco in town – but the local Las Vegas newspaper, the Las Vegas Sun, seems to have made a unanimous decision.

Los Tacos, located at 1710 E Charleston Ave, is the best taco in Las Vegas. It is a popular lunchtime spot, which residents and tourists alike flocking to the location for its family-friendly atmosphere, affordable prices and authentic food.

Many patrons note that their favourite aspect of the menu is Los Tacos minimalist approach to Mexican food. Las Vegas is full of Fusion restaurants who attempt to be creative by fitting as many different cultures into one dish as possible. But, Los Tacos takes another direction, by offering up simple tacos will cheddar cheese, pinto beans and, sour cream and guacamole.

It is this simplistic approach that has kept the family-owned business running for so launch and simultaneously secures its future success for years to come.

So, we must agree with the Las Vegas Sun! It is certainly our recommendation if you’re looking for the best taco in a city full of restaurants claiming to offer the most authentic Mexican food.

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