Macau Gambling Revenues OutShine Las Vegas

Macau is quickly becoming the biggest gambling capital in the world, as its revenue is climbing rapidly. In October alone, the thirty-three casinos in Macau earned almost $3 billion. In addition, Macau raked in four times more than Las Vegas at the beginning of 2010.

SJM, one of the biggest casino groups in Macau, actually earned more than every casino on the Las Vegas strip combined. Sands China also saw a 329% revenue increase in the first 6 months of 2010 alone.

“Mainland Chinese tend to come to Macau to gamble to win are serious about it”, says University of Macau Professor Desmond Lam. He goes on to say that players from Hong Kong and Macau play for leisure, a big difference from those who come from Mainland China.

So, it seems that Wynn made the right choose by opening up operations in Macau. While Las Vegas is slowly recovering from the recession, Macau is booming and now is certainly the opportune time for operators to open up shop.

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