Man Crashes thru Doors in Vegas Casino

Probably as much of a nightmare as you could imagine from a scene in the movies, that was the feeling of many people at Edgewater Hotel & Casino at 9:30 in the morning as a man crashed thru the doors of the casino in his car that he was driving. The crash killed two people that were in the lobby of the casino and injured at least eight others before it stopped by the force of the row of slot machines that the car had crashed into.

The crash was the accident of a 75 year old man that had reportedly suffered a health issue in the form of an attack while driving the vehicle and drove out of control. One of the people that was killed was driven over and found behind the car while the other person was stuck dead under the car as well as some slot machines. There was a look of horror on so many faces.

The slot machines were thrown around as if a tornado had come thru the casino and there was a total site of destruction in the area. Witnesses said that the car came through the glass hotel doors at a very fast speed. The people that were injured were taken to nearby hospitals and there hasn’t been a report of their condition. The power in the hotel and casino was turned off right away and the hotel and casino was completely evacuated. This is a tragic case for many innocent people and a simple accident that turned deadly.

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