Munch Bar Brings Something New to Vegas’ Culinary Culture

When you think of Las Vegas, you normally think of 5-star restaurants and exclusive nightclubs, but famed chef Bryan Ogden is turning the culinary culture of the city on it’s head. His new restaurant, Munch Bar, is an homage to the greasy spoon restaurants of the 1950s with a bit of a gourmet twist.

Munch Bar’s decor is completely unique, with graffiti-splattered walls and a completely laid-back feel. Rather than the typical flashy and over-top-decor of most Las Vegas restaurants, Munch Bar makes you feel at home with welcoming wood benches and tables that look like they belong in highschool cafeterias.

But, appearances are deceiving. Upon opening the menu, you’ll discover that a wide array of gourmet dishes, rather than the typical greasy diner fare of hamburgers and french fries.

While there is a wide array of burgers (including chili, jalapeno and bleu cheese burgers), there are also some more interesting choices on the menus. ‘Munchies’ include grilled cheese sliders, fish tacos and Po Hoy, bringing a gourmet flare to the basic diner menu.

Munch Bar is sure to have a siginificant impact on Las Vegas’ dining scene and, before long, it will likely be one of the city’s new hot spots. With unique decor and a menu that you will probably never see anywhere else, Munch Bar is likely to become the only greasy spoon that you’ll ever need a reservation to get into.

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