New Advertising Technology On Las Vegas Slot Machines

Las Vegas casinos are an advertiser’s dream, as millions of customers come through their doors every year. Despite the economic recession, 28% of the American population visited at least one Las Vegas-based casino last year, making them ideal places for marketing campaigns.

To take advantage of all of the traffic that goes through Las Vegas casinos, Reel TV has launched a new advertising platform that allows television and animated ads to appear on slots machines. While slot machines are not in use and are idling, advertisements from a variety of companies show up on their screens.

Last month, the Las Vegas Sun reported that the Palms was one of the first casinos to utilize this technology, displaying advertisements for Bud Light across video poker screens. Now, dozens of other alcoholic beverage providers are looking into ways to take advantage of Reel TV’s innovative new software. Budweiser, Miller and Grey Goose are among the many companies that are lining up to use this advertising method.

Unfortunately, Reel TV has yet to implement sound technology into its offerings, but advertisers are finding ways around that. They can simply utilize the platform as they would billboards, print ads and other forms of media that do not support sound.

This is truly a unique innovation in the advertising and marketing world, and it will not be long before we see Reel TV in casinos across the country.

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