New Law Allows Casinos to Tip Out Supervisors

Recently, casino operator Steve Wynn has come under fire for requiring dealers to split their tips with the supervisors. The case was taken to the Nevada Labour Commission, which ruled that Wynn’s tip out system was not illegal.

Over the past year, Labour Commission has debated this decision, undergoing several public hearings as dealers fought for their right to keep their own tips. Dealers at Encore Casino will now also have to abide by Wynn’s rules. However, dealers who are now bound by the new rule have stated that they will be taking legal action with the Supreme Court.

“We know this will be a long battle” says Wynn Dealer Meghan Smith. “Its only Round One of Round Three”.

Because the decision was so thorough and underwent so many different hearings, legal experts believe that the dealers will not be able to win their appeal against the company. But, the dealers and their supporters do not believe that just because the tip-splitting system was made illegal, that it isn’t necessarily right.

Although the decision has encouraged other casinos like Ceasar’s Palace to adopt similar tip pool systems, many Las Vegas casinos are keeping their own systems in place. Harrah’s has spoken out recently to state that it will not follow Wynn’s lead and will allow dealers to keep their own tips.

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