New Technology for the New Year

While Las Vegas is considerably quiet this week compared to the festivities in recent times including the New Year parties as well as the other holiday celebrations. Vegas is almost ready to welcome a whole new breed of visitors as convention season is beginning and the year will be started with the CES which is the Consumer Electronics Show which will house the newest latest and greatest in Technology set to launch in the upcoming feature.

There are many more coming than last year as the last years show came during the beginning of the downfall in the economy. There will be over 20,000 products showcased this time around with things as big as the worlds biggest TV and those as small as an MP3 player the size of your fingernail. There will be products from more than 2500 companies and there is surely something for everyone.

The show will begin this Thursday at the Las Vegas convention center and show tickets will be purchased thru the vendors. There will be special rates for those that are staying with the show and ID along with show accommodation will be necessary to take advantage of the group rates!

There will be plenty to see and the Vegas hot spots are sure to be busy with the after work business people that are networking and relaxing after their long days spent at the booths and seminars of the show! Many will be there so if you are planning on making a reservation you better rush to it.

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