Nicolas Cage’s Home in Las Vegas Sells for almost 5 Million Dollars!

So that sounds great doesn’t it? Selling a piece of real estate in Las Vegas for 4.95 Million dollars? Well the truth of the matter is the property was in foreclosure and the home sold for more than 3 million dollars less than what Cage paid for it about 3 years ago. His loss is certainly someone else’s gain but the star is currently facing some serious financial troubles with properties not only in Las Vegas under foreclosure at this time.

The star bought the house in a great area of Las Vegas for 8.5 million dollars in 2006. Since the down turn in the economy Cage has experienced quite a few losses and so had been put in foreclosure on several of his properties. He said that he paid over 70 million dollars in taxes to the IRS in total and owes 14 million more dollars in taxes to the great collection agency yet again.

The property in Las Vegas was snapped up within one day. It was on the market for less than 24 hours before someone decided to jump onto the opportunity to own a home that is over 14,000 square feet in total space. Located at 5100 Spanish Heights drive, this home has 6 full bedrooms for everyone in the family to enjoy along with 7 lavish bathrooms, a 16 car garage for all your vehicles as well as a private theatre room and an elevator if you don’t feel like using one of the several staircases.

There is plenty of foreclosure luxury real estate in Las Vegas today unfortunately those missing out are losing to someone that is benefitting in a great way – you just have to have the money to afford it!

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