Nu To Las Vegas

Launched earlier in the month, Nu Sanctuary Lounge is the newest addition to Las Vegas, located at Town Square. The lounge offers up a religion inspired environment with a modern twist. Designed by Amit Apel and a team of artists, the center of Nu features the Tree of Life, an impressive $200,000 tree made of resin and sprinkled with flickering LED lights in the artificial buds. Roots from the tree dig in all around from under the central bar, adding to the appearance of the tree as a whole.

The menu will feature a variety of dishes from the Mediterranean, Italy, Asia, the Middle East, and America. The Sweeter Side of Eden dessert menu boasts some delicious sounding treats, with things like Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake 9, featuring salted caramel icecream and honey dragon bites and Chocolate Ravioli 9 , featuring vanilla and mascarpone, white chocolate, frosted raspberry and toasted hazelnuts.

There’s also an extensive hookah list, with enticing flavors for anyone’s taste. Guests can request single flavors, and sessions are only $20! Refills are $10, and guests can also enhance their session with $5 liquor shots. Nu also offers a fresh fruit hookah menu for those that are looking to try something different. The hookah menu features flavor combinations like pomegranate and orange for Afterlife, coconut and pineapple for Tropical Skies, guava and flower essence for Green Fairy, as well as flavor and alcoholic combinations such as apple and absinthe for Dante’s Inferno, and Fire Water, a blend of strawberry, guava, orange, and cinnamon liquor.

Check out Nu Sanctuary Lounge at their website.

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