The 3D TV Makes an Appearance in Las Vegas

As the CES show came to an End in the city of Las Vegas many were impressed beyond belief with what the technology sector had up their sleeves! There are so many innovations and new and exciting designs and prototypes that the industry feels completely revitalized and energized for a year of great performances by the tech industry altogether.

One of the major show stoppers was definitely the 3D TV prototype, while not ready to come to market at this exact time it was displayed and tested by many at the show. Technology has come a long way since something like this was tested the first time around and boy have things changed. The level of realism on this TV was surreal according to many that experienced it firsthand. And the tools required for the experience were actually quite comfortable.

There were many other innovations going around at the show as well. There was a big concentration on Apple products such as the iPhone, iPod and iTouch. There was a whole area dedicated solely to accessorizes and innovate for Apple and the display of applications for these handheld devices were completely unreal! Many very practical apps that we are likely to see and experience for download sometime in the very near future.

After a year of recession this show had a record breaking amount of exhibitors and so many great innovative products were revealed. It will be interesting to see what comes to market and doesn’t stay hidden at the Vegas show but stay tuned and you are sure to find out more!

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