The Aria Hotel In Las Vegas Allures Certain Visitors

There are many types of hotels in Las Vegas and the new Aria hotel and casino is already making an impression on a certain type of visitor. Guests that are coming to the hotel to check it out and stay for a visit are trending to be of the 40+ age group and of a very high income calibre. While the hotel has to be happy with that kind of crowd it is also not as common of a demographic as some others and so it may be a little harder for the Aria to sustain a fully occupied hotel at all times.

The hotel is beautiful but somehow lends itself to the more elite crowd. Those of the younger demographic are still hitting up other hotels and casinos such as the Wynn, the Encore, the Venetian and the Palms. There are many others that Vegas goers like to visit but those are some of the popular destinations for Vegas visitors that are looking for luxury among good company and a good time!

It will be interesting to see if the new hotel continues to attract the same type of demographic moving forward but chances are that the hotels tend to stay pretty consistent with the type of people that visit them until the hotels and casinos become so dated and old that they completely go down in quality which tends to change the situation a little! Either way it is a beautiful new construction project that all should check out if you are heading to the strip anytime in the near future!

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