The latest on the Strip…

Talk about luxury! Caesars Palace has just upped the standard of luxury hotel staying with their Pool Villas. How much have they upped the ante? Well, at the cost of a nice car such as a BMW, $40,000 is a hefty price tag to pay for one night of hotel bliss.

Three massive villas are the latest addition at Caesars Palace. The villas are located on the second floor of the unfinished ‘Octavius Tower.’ At a sizable 10,000 square feet of space per suite, these villas also offer up the largest suites offered on the Strip, not to mention most opulent.

The villas each have a patio that overlooks the brand new Garden of the Gods pool that just opened for the summer. Each patio has its own fire pit, Jacuzzi, and dining table. Besides a view of the pool, each villa has access to a library full of leather bound books, a private elevator, formal dining room for 12, media//theatre room, and a butler at your beck and call your entire stay.

Each suite was designed by Wilson & Associates and all have different themes. One was designed to mimic a Grecian palace, another an old world Spanish style home, and the other a luxurious apartment in Paris. Wilson & Associates has also done other suites at Caesars and other design work at other hotels.

In total, $45 million was spent on these three villas alone – a staggering $15 million each!

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