Three Las Vegas Casinos to Undergo Renovation

Famed casino owner Anthony F. Santo has gained the approval to run three of Las Vegas’ most renowned casinos, and he plans to make some big changes to the Plaza Casino, the Las Vegas Club Casino and the Western Casino.

He is currently in negotiations to receive a $20 million loan for renovations at the Plaza, which will include adding new rooms and changing its name to the Union Plaza. He also hopes to change the theme of the Las Vegas Club. The Western, however, will not undergo many renovations.

Despite the hard time that Las Vegas has recently experienced, Santo believes that there will be an upswing for the city soon, making his renovations worth the time and money that they will cost. He says that he has seen positive signs for Las Vegas’ downtown area and hopes to cash in early by taking on the responsibility of these three casinos.

Santo is currently a consultant for the gaming company Tamares, but he will continue to hold his position while he manages the Plaza, the Western and the Las Vegas Club. He has already managed a wide array of casinos across Las Vegas and Reno, and believes that he can do a great deal to improve the casinos themselves and their profits.

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