TV Poker Filmed in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is actually getting quite a bit of poker attention in the last few years. Not that poker wasn’t always a big part of Vegas and quite popular in the city all around. But recently poker in Las Vegas has become even more popular as so many people are tuning in to catch some big poker pros play in the popular televised games!

The name of the game is Texas Hold’em poker. The rules are rather simple. Players are dealt two cards each face down. They are allowed to look at their cards. Then there are five community cards that are dealt, three cards called the flop, then one more called the turn and then one last fifth card called the river. The players must use their two cards and three other cards on the board or a combination of both to make their best five card hand. Players then make bets to position themselves in the best spot. After hand are called the cards are revealed and the best hand takes the money called the pot.

All this is surrounded by a ton of excitement and some serious betting, bluffing and tell reading. This has made for some very popular television and many enjoying watching the games live from Las Vegas while pros play against each other for title of best player as well as a handsome amount of cash each time around. Many new TV shows from Las Vegas have taken off since the popularity of the first few shows. If you are looking to catch a great show tune into GSN or the sports channels as there is usually a game on at some point throughout the day.

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