Vegas Gets Some Serious Rainy Weather

Well it is a day of celebration for many. Today in Las Vegas and throughout the rest of the US is Martin Luther King day and the annual parade that is scheduled on this day for the last 28 years is likely to be a little damp to say the least. Las Vegas and the surrounding areas are experiencing and expecting some serious rain to move through the city for the duration of the day and perhaps the rest of the week as well.

The parade is scheduled to go on as planned but those planning to attend should come with their umbrellas handy or perhaps opt for waiting until next year’s parade as it is likely to happen yet another year. Many those that had outdoor activities such as golfing and other things of that sort are also urged to reschedule and wait for better weather as the amount of rain coming in is rumoured to be on the heavier side.

There are even some areas of Vegas that are expecting some snowfall which isn’t that common for Vegas but isn’t so unexpected at this time due to the changing climate! There is a total of 1 to 3 inches that are expected to accumulate from the rainfall and one to three feet of snowfall where the snow is supposed to fall near the mountains.

Casinos should be happy about the news of the bad weather because while new guests won’t be as eager to arrive those guests that are already there will be happier to stay inside then spend time anywhere in the rainy outdoors which means casinos can see themselves turning a bit of a profit.

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