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Restaurant Week Returns to Las Vegas

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

It’s fifth year running, the Las Vegas Restaurant Week returns starting next week on Monday. This is the chance for tourists and locals to enjoy a unique dining opportunity at a lower cost, at some of Caesars Entertainment’s most popular restaurants. The Las Vegas Restaurant Week is also for a good cause, helping to end hunger in the valley.

In honour of it being its fifth year running, Las Vegas Restaurant Week will be extended to two weeks, start Monday, August 29th, and ending September 11th.

In total, thirteen various restaurants from the Caesars Entertainment resorts will prepare specially designed menus at a discount. The quality of course will still be top notch.

Since a portion of the proceeds from each special menu will be contributed to the Three Square Food Bank, not only would diners be getting a deal on their meals, they would be helping the fight against hunger.

Every $1 that is raised provides three meals for hungry children and the elderly in Southern Nevada, provided by Three Squares.

All 13 participating Caesars Entertainment restaurants have pledged to donate $5 from every meal purchase during the two week run of the Las Vegas Restaurant Week. That basically works out to 15 meals that Three Squares can provide each time someone makes a special meal purchase. How amazing is that?

It’s for a wonderful cause, and it’s win-win-win. Don’t miss out! Check out for more details.

World’s Largest Ferris Wheel In Las Vegas

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Home to the biggest stripper in the world, Sin City Sindy can be found in Las Vegas at Stripper Bar. Now, tourists and visitors alike can go to Las Vegas not only to see the biggest stripper, but also the world’s tallest ferris wheel.

Caesar’s Entertainment, which runs Caesar’s Palace hotel and casino is making some big changes to the Las Vegas Strip. The latest news is that the world’s largest ferris wheel will be built right in Las Vegas.

The huge ferris wheel will unsurp the title away from the 541ft Singapore Flyer, and be called the “Las Vegas High Roller”. At a measurement of 550 ft, it’ll just be slightly bigger, but bigger all the same. This is the ride that many can’t wait to try out.

The Las Vegas High Roller will have 32 cabins that can hold up to 40 people, and construction on the project will commence next month. The opening date is set for sometime in 2013, but the developers of the Las Vegas High Roller are looking to complete the project sooner to get into business faster.

Las Vegas has been struggling to attract tourists, and it is hoped that this new ferris wheel will bring back tourists and attract new tourists from around the world.

Caesars chief executive, Gary Loveman said: “It would be the centrepiece of a trip for a lot of people. They’re looking for the next thing to do.

Las Vegas Gets Missing Linq

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Big casino operator, Caesars Entertainment Corporation has just hired Rick Caruso, a Los Angeles shopping centre magnate, to develop a retail and entertainment district in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip across Las Vegas Boulevard from Caesars Palace.
The creation is called Linq, and will be a $550-million venue created to appeal to younger clientele. At the crown of this new district, will be an enormous ferris wheel.

The new venue would be outdoors, and be similar to the more open Caruso’s Grove shopping centre in Los Angeles, instead of the sealed casinos. City leaders hope that Linq will appeal to the growing Gen X and Gen Y clientele, with it’s bars, restaurants, and stores.

“There are millions of people walking around the sidewalk in Vegas,” Caruso said, “but they have nowhere to go except inside.”

The Linq is the newest tactic for luring visitors to Las Vegas, which has always relied on their grand resorts and casinos to generate buzz and attract visitors in the past. The recession, coupled with a building boom has left Las Vegas casino companies with empty rooms and mounting debt, so it’s now a number one priority to find a way to attract tourists in other ways.

Construction on Linq will commence later on this year, and be completed by 2013.