10K Lost Casino Winnings Returned To Owner

Nowadays, when people find money, cell phones, and other things, they won’t always return it. So imagine being in a very busy airport, and everyone is rushing to get somewhere, and you see these two Caesars Palace Casino branded envelopes on the floor, seemingly stuffed with something (Hint: MONEY). Perhaps you just walk on by, or pick it up, and take a peek inside. You see it’s a substantial amount of money. A person in this position would contemplate taking it, and running, but not the actual person who found himself in this exact situation.

Thanks to the honesty of Mitch Gilbert from Colorado, the owner of the 10K was given back his money.

Mitch Gilbert told CNN “Some people thought I was crazy to give it back. I had to give it back. It wasn’t my money to start with.” He added that “It was $10,000 held in two sealed Caesars Palace envelopes and left December 6 by a passenger at the airport in Las Vegas.”

Gilbert actually waited for about 40 minutes when he figured what was in the envelope, and he kept his eyes peeled for that distressed look on someone’s face, who looks like they may have lost their substantial casino winnings. Unfortunately, no one came around, and he flew home with the envelopes, only opening them when he got there to see that they each held $5,000 each.

The owner was finally found, and a very appreciative Ignacio Marquez thanks Gilbert for his honesty.

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